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A$AP Rocky - Bad Company (feat. Blockboy JB) Mp3 Download

This entry was posted 7 months ago, in the genre rap.
A$AP Rocky – Bad Company (feat. Blockboy JB)
Submitted By - Deon
Shortlink - http://atrilli.co/ehsIW
Published -
Genre - rap
Quality - MP3 + iTunes


1. A$AP Rocky - Bad Company (feat. Blockboy JB)

Review for Bad Company (feat. Blockboy JB) by A$AP Rocky

Blockboy JB has linked up with A$AP Rocky on the track "Bad Company"

Now I don't typically like to point fingers and immediately assume someone is a industry plant, however with the features and people he's been associating with its almost unlikely at this point that Blockboy JB hasn't magically been placed into the mainstream by the superior rap fairies. Just a few days ago we got an incredible remake of his break out track "Rover" which now includes a stellar verse from Atlanta goblin 21 Savage.

Today he links up with male fashion enthusiast A$AP Rocky on the track "Bad Company"  the track preforms incredible over the loud speaker, however almost seems a bit underwhelming from A$AP Rocky himself when comparing this track to some of the other features Blockboy JB has been on.

Regardless of my opinion on the track, it's good to see Rocky coming out of hiding to link up with an upcoming trend setter, download the track "Bad Company by Asap Rocky and Blockboy JB" below.


Download: dbr.ee- MP3 - MP3 - M4A - M4A

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