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Lil Pump - Designer (Remix) (feat. Rich The Kid & Blac Youngsta) Mp3 Download

This entry was posted 6 months ago, in the genre rap.
Lil Pump – Designer (Remix) (feat. Rich The Kid & Blac Youngsta)
Submitted By - Deon
Shortlink - http://atrilli.co/OXcpE
Published -
Genre - rap
Quality - MP3


1. Lil Pump - Designer (Remix) (feat. Rich The Kid & Blac Youngsta)

Review for Designer (Remix) (feat. Rich The Kid & Blac Youngsta) by Lil Pump

Lil Pump links up with Rich The Kid & Blac Youngsta on the remix to his track "Designer"

Lil Pump has had a super controversial year with the release of his music video for Gucci Gang soaring him into the spotlight, to getting arrested for probably the most silly reason known to man kind. He's decided to travel back and time a bit before all the controversy started, and retouch the gem that is Designer.

The remix includes Rich The Kid who has been on an extremely hype wave as of recently, and Blac Youngsta an artist who is well known for flexing his cash. Throughout the track, you hear pump flexing on all of his fans talking about his bad b*tches, bankrolls, and all of the fast cars. He later goes on to talk about the rocket he purchased from the gun store, with approximately one million dollars in his pocket.

With all the above mentioned, I think it's an incredible time to point our the most incredible line we've ever heard from Blac Youngsta : REST IN PEACE MISTER HUGH HEFNER I FUCK PORN STARS TOO 


Download: - MP3 - MP3

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